Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Today we woke up in Falmouth Harbor in anticipation for a pre-race-themed day. For breakfast, we had yogurt and granola a hearty sailor meal. After, we got a fulfilling 2 hours of shore time. It consisted mainly of getting good sushi and touring the docks staring at beautiful ships. We got to take a look at the two ships we were going to be racing against, Chrons and Chirs. These two ships are pretty sexy, both with intricate riggings and many sails. We returned to the boat for a sweet veggie stir-fry. Once we cleaned up, we got ready to present our research projects to the boat. We all did pretty well, in my opinion, and everyone should be very proud of their presentations.

The fun part of the day began after that. We had Deckhand Olympics. Deckhand Olympics consists of a series of courses that bring out your inner sailor. They include charting, line work, knot tying, etc. We competed for Red Regatta hats, famous amongst sailors around the world as collector items and a pretty cool ‘I was there’ souvenir. It was so fun, and everybody had a great time working in teams. Then the owner of the boat, Jim, came to join us for race week. We were all excited to see him. He also brought with him our race shirts and sweatshirts, which look AMAZING. Shout out to Audrey’s parents and uncle for the sweet hookup. You guys rock! We concluded our day with an AMAZING dinner done by our chefs Tina, Drew, and Carly. It was a plate of ribs, mac and cheese, salad, and churros! SO good. We ended our squeeze with a quick briefing on what our race was going to look like tomorrow. We are all super excited for our first race of the Classic Yacht Challenge. Wish us luck!!!