Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

This morning we woke up bright and early for our first day of racing. We prepared Argo and ate delicious apple turnovers made by Elliot and Keenan. Today’s course is known as Old Road; we were all a little bit nervous going into it with the little wind showing on the forecast. But we took up anchor, split up into our three sail teams, and set out into the open water. Our sail teams consisted of; Steve and Carolyn on the mainsail and flying jib with watch team three, Ian and Annmarie at midships controlling the main staysail and fisherman with watch team one, and Eric and Tina at the bow controlling the forward staysail and jib with watch team two. Our race start time was promptly set for 10:30 am, and we could not cross the start line early without taking a penalty. We were placed in the Classics Class B with the boats Chronos and Kairos. We started the race beautifully and headed for the first buoy. Throughout the race, we would tack and jibe around each of the marks while weaving in and out of boats. One of the most intense tacks happened while Jim was at the helm, and we were coming up on the 64-meter boat Adix and got about 15 feet away from the boat before we tacked. During this, we all looked up to only see a sky full of sails from Adix, which was incredible. Shortly after giving Adix’s captain a mini heart attack, we crossed the finish line in the first place, 24 minutes ahead of the other two boats. It was a thrilling feeling and an absolutely incredible day. After getting all the sails down and making Argo look pretty, we went to the dockyard on an SLD mission. This year there is the John Leader award that goes to the boat that displays efforts of continuing on sailing from each generation, and every boat’s captain votes. Our mission for the afternoon was to go to the dockyard and talk to as many people and get Argo’s name out there and tell them about who we are, what we stand for, and what we have done. To end the night, we had the delicious Raleigh family Spaghetti Feed (an SOM 16 favorite) and ended the night with some navigation practice with Eric.