Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Today was another eventful day at Antigua Classics Week. We arose at 7:00, like normal to a breakfast of bagels and assorted cream cheeses. After breakfast, everyone split off into their jobs, and to start getting Argo ready for her second race, called the Butterfly. We picked up anchor around 9:05 and began the briefing for our stations during the race. Today’s race was quite long but full of strategy and tactics. We made a few little mistakes, but overall we look and feel like a professional crew. We finished first in our class for the second time, even though we were behind for the first portion of the race we managed to overtake our opponents and hold them off to the finish. This brought our confidence to another level, considering both boats we race against are supposed to be faster than us. After the finish, we had a few hours to relax and shower. Then we munched on some BBQ chicken with mashed taters, quite yummylicious. Tomorrow our race is supposed to be fairly hectic, and we are all incredibly excited. Hopefully, we make it three in a row tomorrow.