Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

The Cannon! Another victory for Argo, with thanks to our Captain Ben Diamond leading us there. As it is my day as skipper, I was allowed to helm across the finish line with mate Keenan radioing in our finish line cross. After a beautiful race with good form all around, our boat took place in a boat parade in English Harbour, the same place we started our journey. Strange, to think we’ve come full circle. Once seasick landlubbers now experienced divers and sailors. The night concluded with an exclusive viewing of a new movie, Vanishing Sails, that looks at a single shipbuilder in the Caribbean and his struggle of completing his last traditionally built boat. We were racing with many of the ships he built. Tomorrow, our final race awaits. With any fortune, Argo will finish strong, and we’ll take home the trophy. Wish us luck!