Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Today was our fourth and final race, the Windward race. It all started as another morning waking up at 7 am and completing passage prep for the race after breakfast. Although there was minimal wind apparent today, we had a great start and slowly made our way to the first mark right next to our competition chromos and rounded perfectly. As we continued our way towards the second mark, we were swept away by the beautiful 120-130 foot superyachts; Alexa and Columbia. We watched with amazement as they approached our stern. They were competing against one another. Columbia was on our port and Alexa on our starboard side. They started creeping in closer and pinching in more towards us. Columbia tried to push Alexa away from the mark, but we were stuck in the middle. Columbia continued to push us so close to Alexa that Alexa’s main boom swooped over our bow. We were the meat of an expensive superyacht sandwich. Our hearts raced as we tried to get Columbia to let us round the mark. We gave room for Alexa to make it around first. As we followed rounding the mark, Alexa cheered for us to thank us for not cutting her off. After this eventful mark, we continued the final race to the last two marks. As we rounded the last mark, Mona took over helming and brought us over the finish line. Even though it was not a lot of wind all week, we worked together and won all four races; in sailing terms, we swept the deck. After four long days of racing, everyone attended the awards ceremony at Nelson’s Dockyard. We collected our trophies for dominating Classic Class B class and celebrated as we danced the night away.