Location: Navadra Island

Today was a fun-filled day! I got up to watch the beautiful sunrise. Today was the first time we had a student being the cook! We moved up to a big wheel of jobs! We’re finally a part of the real crew! I started the day off with bacon setting off the fire alarm, giving everyone a good 7 am wake-up. It was fun watching everyone try and remember what to do in an emergency situation. Open water divers finally finished their certification!!!! Congrats to those who finished!! Emma finally got to get in the water after having to sit out with an injury! So happy she got to enjoy the beautiful water here in Navadra before leaving. Everyone spent the day doing a few different things, from working on school work to planning their menu items, to watching the Hunger Games. Finally got our phones back yesterday! So good to hear lots of music on the boat! Many Sea Shanty’s playing onboard! I had a wonderful lunch! I got to go on a fun dive and look at the coral reef. We got to see all kinds of animals, from clownfish to some people seeing octopuses!! Watched some small sharks swim around the boat!

We got to have our first science lab! We got to use new and fun equipment. We got to use a black and white disk to check the turbidity of the water. We checked out the PH levels of the water. Found out their nothing too fishy in the water, just wet wet water! Everyone got to spend some time doing their own thing around the boat! People were reading books, doing henna, taking photos, and just talking! watched one of the prettiest sunsets we have seen so far! spent a good hour just sitting, watching, and taking photos of the wonderful bright sunset. At the end of dinner, we all wrote on postcards a little message to ourselves to be read on the last day of passage! It was super fun and exciting to think about all that we, as a group and as individuals, will be able to achieve when we make it to the end of our trip. Really exciting getting ready to move anchor tomorrow. Sad to leave this beautiful bay but know the next place will be just as cool! Hopefully that we will be able to see some cool mantas!