Location: Green Island, Antigua

Our chefs of the day, Isaac, Drew, and Tina, treated us to a taste of New Orleans Beignets with powdered sugar for breakfast. Following our cleanup jobs for the day, half of the shipmates prepared to take their Navigation exam for MTE class. The other half of shipmates had study time for the morning for the upcoming exams and assignments. Many chose to practice with navigation charts, while others started memorizing fish species for our fish ID quiz. During lunch prep and cleanup, it was fun hanging around in the galley with the chefs, who were being silly wearing their shirts over their heads with their sunglasses on and trying to see if they could still clean countertops half-blind (I helped Tina out with this, who was particularly bad at it). After lunch, delicious veggie and sausage kabobs, shipmates who had study time in the morning took their MTE exam. Once the exam finished, everyone was happy to have it over with! The afternoon concluded with naps, jump-in showers, and more studying. Chefs made an amazing Shephard’s Pie for dinner, a perfect meal to fulfill everyone’s hunger. Unfortunately for the chefs, they got the fun task of cleaning the water out of the bottom of the fridge tonight. Still silly from their lunchtime fun, they put on foul weather boots, gloves, and scuba masks to prepare themselves for the task (and, they said, so they couldn’t smell the fridge water). Now we’re having a relaxed evening, studying for our final marine biology and Fish ID exams — and nervous about what more Rescue scenarios there might still be to come!