Location: Green Island, Antigua

It is almost unbelievable, but today was the last day of classes. After a delicious breakfast of biscuits, we had a Fish ID exam; in the afternoon, we had our OCB test and, in between, was squeezed in a surprise Rescue scenario. That scenario was pretty fun: Tina went unconscious beneath the surface, Oscar fell in the water, and our crew had to get them both. Lunch was wild rice, squash, and some chicken. After that, we had some free time, in which we went out to free dive. Some of us broke old diving records: I, for one, made it to over 35 feet and stayed down for 53 seconds.

Meanwhile, my partner Griswold made it to 72 seconds underwater, so we both got out feeling pretty good. After that, some of us participated in diving competitions; I once again did a massive back-flop, ending my potential diving career early. After that, we got together for a dinner of Fajitas and brownies and then topped that off with a night of Finding Nemo.