Location: Green Island, Antigua

I awoke at 6:45 to Ian frantically shouting that Steven and Captain Ben had gone missing underwater doing a dive that morning. I hopped up and began waking people to relay the breaking news. We dashed up on deck and began scrambling around kitting up scuba gear, and within a few minutes, we had four divers descending into the murky water below Argo in search of our missing instructors. Our final rescue scenario ended up taking longer than we had planned because the conditions made it hard for us to find Steve and Ben, but we worked well together as a team and surfaced them safely, got them on oxygen, and saved Carolyn (who “fell down the companionway”) and Tina (who jumped in and started panicking on the surface as soon as the missing divers were up). At breakfast, we were proud to learn that we had passed the scenario, and we’re all now certified, rescue divers. We enjoyed cheesy grits and started splitting into groups to begin the ultimate deep clean and first half of our final BA of the voyage. The remaining hours in the day were consumed by tireless cleaning and organizing of rooms, nooks, and holes in the floor that I didn’t know existed. We wrapped up the day with a curry dinner made by Annemarie, and a heartfelt closing program slide show made up by Carolyn. The rest of the evening was spent writing goodbye letters with a popcorn break in the middle to ease our cramped hands. Overall it was a fulfilling and productive day of taking care of the place that served as our home for the past 90 days.