Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Day 89. The program sadly is coming to a close as we motor back to English Harbor for our final night on Argo. This morning as everyone woke up, we continued with our final BA and packing. When there was talk of pulling the anchor to start heading back to English Harbor, everyone instantly jumped in the water to prolong us, leaving for as much as possible! Crazy to think we have been living onboard for a full three months when honestly, it feels like two weeks. I remember thinking around day 20 of how long this is trip is going to be thinking of having 70 days left felt like a lifetime, and now, with a blink of an eye, it’s over. We will end our last night on the dock at the slipway marina with a night out and dinner ashore at Paparazzi’s, the small marina restaurant where it all began. Everyone is saddened to leave as I think it’s safe to say we all have grown as one unit. What an amazing experience that we all will hold close to our hearts forever and get to leave, knowing that we all have gained 20 other family members.