Location: 1326.845 N, 06153.763 W

Today was a full day of sailing out in open waters with no land to be seen anywhere. We have been doing our 3 hours on and 6 hours off for a couple rotations and everyone has been sleeping as much as possible. During my morning watch a few dolphins came up to the front of the bow and swam next to Ocean Star for 15 minutes. These were the first dolphins I’ve seen the whole trip and I was happy they made an appearance. That and there was a gorgeous sun rise that I’ve never seen before, a full 360 degree view with no land was amazing. After my morning watch Matty and Danny caught us a good sized Mahi Mahi that had the most vibrant colors on it. It was also a nice little science lesson because the fish turned white and blue, if you know anything about Mahi Mahi they are yellow and green dominated, but because it was in its final stages of death its chromataphores were flashing vibrantly. This is where the neurons are firing off chemicals because of adrenaline. We skinned and filleted it right on the deck. Then we ate it for lunch. It was definitely one of the best fresh fish I’ve ever eaten! Besides this it was just a regular day at sea with no big storms or swells; a great day for sailing! setdate:2012-10-07