Location: Fare, Huahine, French Polynesia

10/10 best day of this trip so far- truly felt like we were exploring an island on our own. Huahine has so much for us to do and so much for us to stock up on. First, we all rushed to get our smelly laundry washed, but only a few got lucky. Then the girls and I found a cab to take us to the far side of the island where the beaches are filled with milk-white sand and wild crashing blue waves. We enjoyed walking up and down the beach and met a few locals who sold us fresh fruit. After that, we met up with the rest of the group and enjoyed lunch at the local hotel (we all ordered burgers). Might have been the best burger I’ve eaten in my life, Or maybe I was that hungry. We got to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the hotel. In the late afternoon, we came back to the boat, showered, and got ready for dinner and our first sign-out night. This means that everyone (18 and older) can enjoy a couple of drinks together onshore. Everyone came together for dinner, even some of the staff. It was amazing, full of conversations and laughter. I LOVE MY CREW. We enjoyed various types of local fish and traditional dishes, including lagoon fish with red banana and the very popular poisson cru, which is a dish of fresh tuna marinated in coconut milk. All the food was delicious, and we enjoyed having the whole group together for a nice meal on our last night in Huahine. Tomorrow morning we depart early for Raiatea to pick up the rest of our crew that is doing the 66-day voyage.

Pictured: Various views around the island of Huahine, Argo from afar; a whalebone oar on display at dinner