Location: Ra'iātea, French Polynesia

After waking up at 7:00, and eating breakfast at 7:30, we prepped the boat for a short passage from Huahine to Raiatea. During the passage, we split into our three watch teams. While one team made sure we were traveling safely, the other two would clean the boat for our new friends that were going to be arriving. The idea that our crew was growing was so exciting we did not even mind the fact that we had to sit on the floor and scrub it while moving. The passage went quickly, and before we knew it, we were there. After arriving, the staff went to retrieve the new students. We helped them with their bags, and just like that, it was as though they were there all along. We talked, laughed, and joked as if we did not just meet 30 minutes prior. In the afternoon we had some free time to do laundry, relax, and go swimming and have sea showers. The water here is so beautiful! We then all gathered for dinner, properly introduced ourselves, and once again had a good laugh. I’m excited to learn more about my crewmates along with life aboard.

Pictured: Early morning rainbow before breakfast; raising and trimming the sails for our passage to Raiatea.