Location: Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia

What an early rise! We all had to be up by 5:30 am and leave the island of Raiatea en route to Bora Bora through clouds and rain! Breakfast was whole-hearty oatmeal with omegas and nuts galore to keep us fueled for our 3-hour passage. Watch team 2 started the first watch, so some were able to squeeze in a morning nap underway before their watch. As we entered Bora Bora, the visibility lessened, and it was most definitely an obstacle course following the cardinal buoys towards our piling and also avoiding the shallow reefs at all costs. Once we anchored, the dive gear was hauled out from the laz and tied up on the bow lifelines to be used later in the day. Lunch was a yummy risotto made by Amanda, and almost everyone had seconds. After lunch, the new open water students started their confined water training, and the recently certified advanced divers went on their first non-training fun dive while the not-so-new students prepped and cleaned the boat from lunchtime. After the new students got back from their dives, everyone had the option to go for a hike up a mountain near where we’re anchored. The hike was very steep and sweaty, so we were very grateful for Amanda’s dinner: chicken, freshly baked bread, fries, tropical coleslaw, and gravy. Amanda’s signature coleslaw was so delectable; I’m going to have to ask her for her recipe. Another day in paradise, and we have Marine Bio tonight! The lightning and the wind are like no other tonight. At some points, it’s so bright. One would think it was daylight for a split second! All in all, today was a long but great day for the books!

Pictured: Our view of Bora Bora from the bow of Argo; Ryan doing some gymnastics on deck; Shelby leading Ryan, Emily, and Rhea through the Open Water course; Amanda’s homemade rolls.