Location: Kumai, Borneo

Waking up on Argo, the usual morning yawn, coffee drinkers trying to get their fix. None of that happened today. Everyone was so excited to board our boat; people came up from the companionway, ready for an adventure. And so we were off. A three to four-hour boat ride up the Kumai River would bring us to Orangutan country. The boat ride was amazing. Everything was complimentary. For example, an afternoon tea, or more food cooked for us than we could imagine. Some people even helped gopher (a slang term used on Argo for cleaning) the plates for our tour guides. The first stop that we had to see the Orangutans was a camp known as Camp Leakey. This camp was made so that orangutans hurt or born in captivity could be let out into the wild but also cared for by Dr.Birute Mary Galdikas. She lived with the orangutans for most of her life, studying and keeping care of them. Anyways on to the fun stuff. We actually saw the orangutans, it was afternoon feeding, and these guys were hungry. One almost tried to bite Xander. He was so hungry, or she was accepting him as a male. It was a great experience, and the funny part is these ones were only the beginning. Once we were finished with this fascinating creature of our past, we went back down the river to anchor up. That’s when Argo bonding started to come out. A taboo game got going, which was by far the funniest game I have played in a while, and then we pigged out again during dinner, the only commotion being the voices of people asking other people for something. Pass me the rice, or pass the chicken thingy. Now being the skipper of the day, I decided to have some fun with people, so once the bug nets were up, I decided to prank the second boat and tell them that the tour guides said there was some mischief going on at night, and that the staff and I agreed that we should have watches. Everyone was confused, but that confused way that they believed me but were trying to figure out why. Anyways I had to give into Melissa’s face, which looked as though she might rip me to shreds. All was well, and another successful day on our adventure had been wrapped up. Now all was left was the sounds of the jungle and the snores of us.