Location: Underway

Today we left to embark on our first passage of the trip. The day was full of learning new skills, practicing drills, and adjusting to life underway, something no one was used to. At 10:00 this morning, we said our goodbyes to our home for the last week, Tarragona, and set sail for our next port, St. Tropez in France. We were not quite as blessed with a strong steady breeze as we were yesterday, but the of motoring has helped the ease of transition.

The morning started out just as every other had before, breakfast at 7:30 followed by the morning cleanup. After Argo was looking glorious as always, we headed out of our slip and into the open ocean. Today’s sail was directly following the coastline of Spain heading northeast past Barcelona and towards France.

After a hearty lunch of pasta salad, we all went over the emergency procedures of Argo. Once everyone had a sense of what to do we practiced a fire drill and man overboard. Everything went quite smoothly and soon we were back on our way to France.

As the first watches are beginning, students and staff are changing sleep habits to conserve energy for the middle of the night watches. The sun is about an hour from going down and the second watch team is about to take over. Everyone is excited about what lays ahead.

The first day underway has been a success. We will be sailing trough the night and throughout the day tomorrow. Everyone is resting up for the next few days and next few months. Today has been a great day and we’re all excited about many more.

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