Location: Underway

With 24 hours at sea under their belts the Argonauts rose this AM to sunrise over a glassy Mediterranean sea. Despite the lack of wind Argo was making steady progress towards St Tropez with the reassuring purr of the D-Sail. Watch team 3 kicked off the morning shift from 8 until noon, experiencing an unexpected fly by from a coast guard helicopter, a pod of dolphins playing in the bow wake and the occasional whale in the distance.

A lunch of beef nachos was followed by an afternoon of science classes. In Marine Biology Matty Rob taught the art of scientific writing whilst in Oceanography we learned about the fascinating chemical properties of H2O. Deck showers followed afternoon classes. The chefs cooked up a delicious steak curry for dinner and following clean up watch team 3 will lead Argo into its second night out on the water. France awaits in the morning.