Location: Monaco/Villefranche

On the fourth day of our Sea|mester adventure, the crew woke up excited to eat breakfast and head over to the second smallest country in the world, Monaco. The primary goal of the excursion was to visit the Oceanographic Museum, but we also got to explore the rest of the area in the afternoon. After breakfast (fruit, apple cake, and yogurt), we took the dinghies to shore and walked over to the train station to catch our train to Monaco. The museum was filled with different tanks of fish, model boats, and, weirdly enough, a whale room that played VERY intense music while flashing multi-colored lights. We broke off in the afternoon to find lunch and explore different groups partaking in a wide range of activities ranging from finding a delicious gelato parlor to locating the Gucci store and purchasing several items.

After our fun but tiring day, we headed back to the boat for some swimming, showers, and superb tricks off the bow. We ate a delicious dinner of chicken parm, pasta, and salad, finishing it off with the regular routine of the Squeeze and clean-up duties (lots of laughing in between). After such a full day, it seems hard to believe we packed in more, but after clean-up, we ended the day with an Oceanography lesson. As nighttime falls, the anticipation of our first sailing passage tomorrow continues to grow!

Pictured: Full group at the train station; small group at the museum; Jonas at the museum

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