Location: Underway to Portovenere

Shiver me timbers! Today was international talk like a pirate day! Which was super appropriate because today was our first day of sailing. As such, we had a ton of work to do to get the boat in ship-shape (haha boat puns) before we could leave. After everything was secured and double-checked, we finally set out. But not all was smooth sailing (more puns), as we had to go over safety guidelines in case of emergency after lunch. After that we had a small nap time break but right after we saw striped dolphins!! They were in the distance in pods until one pod noticed the boat and came and swam right at our hull!! It was so cool! After that Animal Planet moment, we broke into groups and learned the ropes (these puns would make my dad so proud) and how to properly coil them, and also learned to hoist a sail. Finally, we were done with all our education and got the chance to stop and swim in the ocean. The water was about a kilometer deep! The only thing you saw past your legs was darkness. After showering, we got underway again, only to have more dolphins show up! They jumped and twirled by the hull too!! Wowzers! Soon after, we had dinner and watched the sunset a pretty pink. We were about to wrap up when crew member Smash shouted, “whale!”. And dear reader, there was indeed a whale; it’s shiny back breaching the surface and blowing water. Nature is beautiful. While our day was tiring, it was not without reward.
Missing my family (where ever they are right now),

Pictured: CJ in the hull, swimming in the open water, passage prep

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