Location: English Harbour, Antigua

As I write this, I am running on two hours of sleep because I want to take in every last minute of this experience. In two and a half hours, the group of people I have come to love and cherish will disperse into the world, and it is unlikely that all 26 of us will be together again.
Today I am not writing to our families or loved ones. I am not even writing, especially for the 25 other people on this program, who I so love. I am writing to future Argonauts or those who are considering making themselves a home on this vessel. Yesterday we spent almost the entire day cleaning and polishing Argo. I know that many of my peers, myself included, were worried about the final BA (Boat Appreciation) day, but it was honestly one of the best days of the program. Be open to the experiences that Argo offers you. You might not understand or fully appreciate some of the methods or rules on board, particularly when you first step on board, but they are there for a reason. Trust the staff; they are only there to help you learn and grow as a person. Finally, be open and receptive, and understanding of your peers. You will all come from vastly different backgrounds and, in some cases, vastly different cultures. The purpose of this trip is to experience the world and challenge yourself. Challenges should be difficult, and you are going to struggle, but remember to love those experiences because without struggling, without that challenge, there is no room for personal growth.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Grab it with both hands and accept it for all it has to offer. You won’t regret it.