Location: Mayreau, St Vincent

Last night, after an encounter with yet ANOTHER sailing vessel speedily drifting within arms, reach of our home, Vela and her crew set sail to Grenada. Skies were fairly clear, and seas were blessing Pickle Watch with NO need for hitting the rails. Though winds were light, Lugga Lugga Watch (aka the best watch) hit 8 knots with just the main staysail and the forward staysail, no big deal. From breakfast conversations, it sounds like everyone had a peaceful watch filled with smiles, hugs, stars, and coiling.
This morning consisted of a late wakeup of 10 AM to Ryans yummy chia seed pudding and last-minute study groups for Oceanography. After taking the quiz, learning about the Coriolis effect, and putting Vela to bed, the team sent off Squiddles, Issy, Sharp, Cah-ro-lyn, and Bearded Nick for doctor visits and provisioning. Everyone else then gathered in the salon for Emergency First Responder class with the one and only Calum, aka sweet cheeks. We had SO much fun learning the log role, how to use an AED, and most importantly, CPR. CPR dolls were brought up on deck, and everyone grabbed a buddy to begin practicing. To give you an idea of how it went, Audrey decapitated John-Pierre when trying to get him to wake up, Emma almost got rolled off the boat when being put in a safety position, and Finn attempted a straddling CPR form There were tears in our eyes from how hard we laughed. After EFR materials were put away, we enjoyed ocean games and showers, followed by dinner tacos and dessert tacos (Vela specialty: peanut butter and honey). When provisions came back, music was BLASTING which then turned into a full-on dance party even after the food was away. Overall, today was a perfect day of learning and fun for Vela and her crew.
Mom, Dad, Benny, and puppies: I miss you guys more than you know, but I feel SO lucky and grateful to be here. Love you two infinity; hug the dogs for me:)
Graham: Love you more – proud of you always.