Location: Underway to the Azores

This morning watch team two woke up at midnight to start our midnight-to-four-am watch. The seas were calm, and the air was cool as we sailed through the night! After being relieved from watch at four am, we went down to the salon and chatted while we took off our foulies and got ready for bed. In the morning, a few of us woke up and did some much-needed deck laundry. In the middle of the ocean, almost nothing is untouched by rain, salt, or bleach, so a bucket of laundry was a welcome change! Brian and the boys also threw in a few lines, hoping to catch a 500-pound tuna. Despite their best efforts, they did not succeed. After laundry and fishing, Sam and her sous chefs made us chicken pot pie which was absolutely heavenly. Then, we had clean up and class. After oceanography and leadership, we were told to put on our swimsuits and take our first-ever deck shower! We lined up one by one to stand under a highly pressurized spray of saltwater that can only be likened to a firehose. After a cold and initial wetting, we lathered up soap and shampoo and went back under the firehose to rinse. We had a final rinse with a freshwater hose and dried off, cold and happy, having just showered on deck! After that, we hung out in the cockpit, enjoying the warm weather and smooth seas until it was time for dinner. Sam absolutely killed it again, with pad thai and a scoop of peanut butter for dessert. Today was very fun and very warm, and I hope we have more like it!
PS. Hi fifi, I miss you o.o

1. Cockpit hang sesh
2. Naptime before class
3. Liam and Seve become chess masters

Current position:
3804.02′ N
3838.12′ W