Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

Today will never be forgotten. Today at 6 am we left Grenada and headed up to Carriacou. Grenada was intense with beauty and uniqueness; we all acknowledged this as we hugged the leeward side of the island on our voyage to Carriacou. We had a hearty stack of pancakes to begin our day. Waving goodbye to the outline of a picturesque cruise ship docked in Grenada, we tacked and headed to our destination. Decisions were made to add two unfamiliar sails to the rigging: the flying jib and the fisherman. The extra sails established our dominance against the wind and guided us up the island. Some of the crew, including myself, climbed to the crow’s nest and took some truly surreal and awesome pictures. We pulled into Sandy Island and ended our day with a succulent dinner. The day was breezy and fun, and now it’s time to work; we all are weary from the voyage but still excited to explore Sandy Island tomorrow.