Location: Andritxol

Today marked the departure of another member of our crew as Jim, the owner of Argo and fountain of anecdotal accounts of sailing exploits, departed to take care of business in Palma and Argo departed the port. Argo didn’t go far, however, as we left the admittedly enormous harbor and went around the corner of Mallorca to a beautiful harbor nested in a semicircle of rocky cliffs named Andritxol (which we all have agreed sounds like a name for medication). We all thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to swim in the warm (roughly 80F) waters of the Mediterranean again after a few days in Palma’s port. There were even dolphins swimming around the anchored Argo at first until Sam dove down and tried to communicate with them via clicks and possibly said something insulting by accident, as the dolphins vanished into the sea. The beauty of the harbor was slightly spoiled by a billowing cloud of smoke that rose over one of the hills hiding the rest of the island, marking the spot of a large wildfire just inland of our position. On the bright side, we were able to observe a fire fighting airplane in action as it spent several hours scooping up seawater and dive-bombing the smoking area, dropping a load of water in the process. It really hit us all when we collected for the pre-dinner squeeze in the cockpit just how small our crew had shrunk to (only six staff and five shipmates) when we tried to clasp hands and found that we had to move in closer to complete our circle. Regardless, Michael found a way to complain about how he still couldn’t find a seat. A delicious dinner in our cliff-enclosed port with the noticeable swell rocking us gently back and forth while the rocks on land glowed with the russet warmth of the setting sun completed our day. Oh, and we watched Finding Nemo as a “science video” to analyze which parts were good science and which were bad science, but we were all far more interested in snuggling up in blankets and enjoying our luxury item of the week, popcorn.