Location: Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Before the sun even showed its face this morning the crew of Argo was awake and on deck to say goodbye to two of their fellow crew members. Being Day 30, Andrew and Susanne, said their farewells as their classes begin in just a few days and there are dorm rooms to move into. With two more hours of sleep under our belts we caught a bus heading to the small hillside town of Deia, on the northwestern coast of Mallorca. From there our grand excursion began. One foot after another, we hiked our way through the recently recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sierra de Tramuntana. We spent just over three hours making our way north to the inland town of Soller, with a few breaks for pinecone fights, taking pictures of abstract shaped trees, and rests on stonewalls overlooking the beautiful mountain range. Once in Soller, a nice Spanish lunch was to be had, along with a stroll around the city center. To top off the trip we rode back to the boat in style, sitting on a vintage train built specifically for the trip through the mountains in 1912. Now back aboard the crew prepares for a more modern activity, a night to see the newest Harry Potter movie at the local cinema.