Location: Barbados

Today began with a screeching start. The fire alarm was set off at 6 am from the singed muffins. Everyone rushed onto the dock with PFDs and Gumby suits. There was a notable gloom of tired and aggravated faces. Soon enough, the boat was back asleep before the 6:30 am wakeup for breakfast. The muffins were some of the best to come out of the galley. After clean-up, we loaded into the taxis to surf. Surfing was a blast. The waves were small but fun and easy for people to learn. For many, it was their first time surfing. This allowed for hard wipeouts and screams of joy when first standing up. It was an absolute blast that left most of us asking how soon we could go again. After surfing, we had time to get a quick snack and drink. I was surprised to see a Polar seltzer water in the corner market. This instantly reminded me of my grandparent’s house in New Hampshire. Once back on the boat, we began prepping it for the short passage ahead. I was the man with the man with the clipboard. Delegating jobs for hours while doing nothing but commentating and criticizing, nothing better. Once Vela was ready, we dropped lines and began on our way. Everyone is excited to have such a short passage. A very rewarding feeling after completing our previous passage. This one is 20-ish hours, believe it or not, the longest of these next passages. Our day concluded with Barbados off of the stern and a sunset ahead.