Location: Hog's Neck Bay

The day commenced with an energetic 7:00 wake-up call. Once everyone was ready to conquer the day, we made our way to the deck for some delicious breakfast burritos. After cleaning up, we headed down to the salon for the leadership class. Tim led a great discussion and gave us some time to debate our definitions of leadership. Once the class had ended, we had a study hall, giving us an opportunity to get ahead on our schoolwork. Many of us worked together on our menus for the trip, accomodating the food allergies and sharing some laughs along the way. During the study hall, groups of four students were heading out on the water on Megatron with Brahm and Lolo for dinghy training. Once the second group arrived back at Argo from dinghy school, we hoisted Megatron back into the boat, put sail covers over the sails, and prepared to motor to our next anchorage. Once we were underway, I attempted to remain studious but was corrupted by sleep and took a four-hour nap, as did many of the fellas in my cabin. We arrived at Hog Neck Bay off of Long Island, New York, dropped the anchor, and had dinner, which consisted of quinoa and roasted vegetables. Jake made an absolute mess! We will be ending the day with an Oceanography lecture by Sam and probably some more card games and banter in the salon before everyone is off to bed before their night watches tonight.

A beautiful picture of the sunset behind Argo taken by Lance.
We watched some smaller racing sailboats practice doing circles around us during lunch.
Bella and Julie having a great lunch.
Jake is so clumsy with tongs.
Everyone was happy about dinghy school, except for Brahm, or maybe he just didn’t feel like smiling. It’s hard to say.
Desk nap.