Location: Fisher's Island, NY

Breakfast, 4:30 am hot pockets. Thanks, Lolo
Shorts weather! Excitement
Ran lines for jib and flying jib
Burrito tacos ~ lunch while we were still sailing
we cleaned. Sophia, Anna, thanks to them the drains are clean for another day
Each watch team took a different sail, and we all practiced tacking and jibing and trimming and easing
We tacked some more!
A few people had dinghy school where they learned how to drive the dinghy
And while that happened, a few of us went for a swim, flipping off the side of the boat then swimming back to the ladder and getting out of the water
For dinner, we had chicken parm, with eggplant parm for the vegetarians. Hey mom, I liked eggplant, and I’m still vegetarian, so jokes on you guys.
The last thing I have to say is that everyone hated on me for my unconventional log writing, but Sam was there, Sam was there telling me to spread my wings, to spread my wings, and fly away.
Thank you, that is all.

MELLA’S SlAm PoETrY IntErprAtiOn 0f tHe daY

1. we got some nice freshie and saltie action going on here
2. Seve and Michael chilling on top of the chart house
3. dirty deck ahoy?
4. clean drain referenced above
5. Liam doing a gnarly backflip over the sun, just like the cow that jumped over the moon
6. Sunset