Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

19 years ago, the world was graced with the birth of Erin Dollard, and to celebrate, Erin Dollard was graced with lemon cake and a night out. The day started a little slower than usual with some nav master practice. Well, actually, I started out making the cakes, one lemon cake, and one gluten-free. Since we sometimes have to be conservative with eggs, we used a chia seed substitute, making the cake very heavily chia seed, but at lunch, Sam and I took a little nibble off the corner and ended up eating copious amounts of chia seed cake, and it was great. After lunch, we headed out for a dive with our guides Remi and the other one, who was super cute, but I dont remember her name. I had the best dive buddy ever, Keaton, and we dove until we were borderline hypothermic. On the surface, we were surprised with banana bread and warm sweet tea, and we chowed. Then it was time to hop in at a new site and go again. After being underwater for what felt like years, we surfaced and had to zoom back to the Ocean Star, and shuttles were already getting started. We rinsed in the freshwater and got ready. I wore my hair part pulled back and a little white dress. We shuttled over to find they had rum punch and bbq chicken legs. Those items were both highly sought after. They also offered Mahi-mahi and pumpkin rice. The vegetarians ate bananas, I think. Grady bought everyone beer/ maybe Addisen paid for it, but Grady just walked over with it and took the credit. We then had to head back to have lemon cake, which half of us decided to eat in only our underwear. Since none of you have ever been on the Ocean Star for cake day, let me tell you its move it or lose it, and people are not very forgiving, so if you wanted a second piece, you had to stuff your face and do it quick. We then got ready for bed, and while doing so, Meg decided that she was going to sleep in Topher’s bed and that Topher would have to find a new place to sleep, but Topher wasnt loving that idea and sent her home.

To Maggie, Annie and DJ, Im so excited to see you
Signing off, permanently,
Love Johnny

Picture 1: Henry, Celia, and Grady diving on a sponge
Picture 2: The dishy pit hard at work
Picture 3: Katie giving the rundown for breakfast
Picture 4: Dive group 1 in the depths
Picture 5: A cave we all dove through
Picture 6: An awesome picture of the reef
Picture 7: Another cave we went through
Picture 8: Sponges on the reef
Picture 9: Dive group 1 over the reef
Picture 10: A lionfish in a sponge
Picture 11: A pufferfish in a sponge
Picture 12: Katie posing underwater
Picture 13: Liam and Julian getting ready to dive down
Picture 14: Keaton, Julian, Liam, and Katie on the dive boat
Picture 15: Liam posing
Picture 16: Liam, Keaton, and Katie after a long day of diving