Location: Barbados

The morning started off with the smell of bacon wafting down the cabin hall, with Kaden and his sous chefs hard at work in the galley cooking up some delicious breakfast sandwiches. With most of the program so far being passage breakfast, which for many included oatmeal, ramen, and canned fruit, everyone was excited for the hearty breakfast that was being prepared (and the leftover cake from dinner that some found as a nice breakfast dessert). With their stomachs full, it was time for marine biology, where students learned about the strange creatures of the deep sea and the more cuddly animals of the polar seas. After marine bio, it was time for the advanced open water student to go on their deep dive. Myself, Mads, and Lazlo headed out with Nick as our dinghy driver headed out to find some deep water. The deep dive consists of some fun surprises like red turning into brown and an egg that, when cracked open, holds its shape. While we were diving, the open water divers got some free time to explore Barbados, I believe most went on a cold soda mission with only a few hours to explore before lunch.

After lunch, it was time for Oceanography, a rare but exciting double science day. Oceanography consisted of a “who wants to be a millionaire” review session for their upcoming quiz and time to ask questions about their research projects. Once class was done, open water divers got to explore the ocean outside of the swim zone. We headed off for open water dives 1 and 2, where we got to see many cool new fish like juvenile smooth trunkfish, a moray eel, and (according to Freddie) the largest puffer fish he has seen. With two dives under their belt it was time to head back to the boat, while some students had run through most of their air, those with extra air got to do one final skill under the boat. While under the boat, we had a side mission: recover all items lost overboard in the last four days. We came back up with a nice haul that included two plates, a fork, steel wool, a drying towel, and a T-shirt. With everyone tired from a long day of diving, most people chose to keep their afternoon of exploration to the marina restaurant, pool/wifi, and a relaxing evening before another day of diving tomorrow.