Location: Elba, Italy

We were welcomed by a beautiful sunrise this morning and a delicious breakfast of pancakes. The scuba diving adventures continued today for the open water divers. With the cooperation of the calm weather, they are becoming more comfortable in the water with the gear, and successfully picking up a new set of skills. A couple lucky volunteers who are already dive certified (Willie and Doug with the help of Travis) got to set free some of the interesting sealife that has colonized the bottom of our vessel using handy dandy scrapers. Otherwise, the students enjoyed some free time on shore to lounge at the beach and satisfy their cravings for gelato. Back on board, James H. treated us to some sweet banjo tunes while Doug began teaching some of us a southern style of folk dancing called the shag. We ended the evening with introductions to oceanography (science rocks!!!) and student leadership classes, before heading to bed for an early departure from Elba tomorrow.