Location: Saba

I awoke this morning comfortably laying in my hammock on deck to the beautiful view of Saba’s towering faces rock faces above. A Lovely little breakfast ensued of the ship’s favorite- Yoghurt and Granola. Then we proceeded to have one of the crew’s last MTE classes in the saloon. Fixes were practiced, and tidal vectors were measured. Everyone seems to be feeling pretty confident with the traditional navigational techniques. Afterward, we then moved into what was one of the best dive days we have had of the entire trip. A local dive company known as Saba Divers came alongside Ocean Star and picked up the crew to do a couple of morning dives before lunch while some of us stayed on board for a bit of study time. Lunch was a bit of a rolling one as the group that stayed on board in the morning ate first then got ready as Big Blue came up alongside once more to drop off the first group and pick up the second. I was in the second group with Will, Jo, Emma T, Julia, Ben, Jess, and Jon. We first dove one of my favorite sights in Saba called The Needle. It was formed from a lava flow in the past but essentially is a 15-foot in diameter pinnacle shooting straight up from three hundred feet! We on breached the top of the pinnacle at about 100 ft. There was so much healthy diversity around proving to excite many who were able to identify a few more species for their Marine Bio Logbooks. After an hour surface interval, we went and dove another site called The Labyrinth. This dive was much shallower but was fascinating as it was a series of overhangs and coral outcroppings that almost created a maze! After the dives, we bid our new friends at Saba Divers adieu and headed back to the Star Ship for some dinner. All in all, it was a pretty spectacle day in The Life, happy crew, and happy Tor.