Location: Great Harbor Peter, BVI

When we started passage last night, the sky was filled with countless stars, more than ever. It was beautiful! Then our team’s watch was over, and we went to sleep. Six hours later, when it was time for our next watch, I got to see the sunrise. It was amazing. After passage, we arrived in the BVI, meaning we are back home again! We had to do some boat cleaning before going to The Baths. After organizing the deck and down below, we went swimming ashore, to play around among boulders, climb and jump from rock to rock, and explore the secret paths. I think I like Devil’s beach the most. The water is unbelievably clear there.

After finding our way back to the beach, and swim back to the dinghy, we were back on Ocean Star. We got ready for a short motor to Salt Island, where we were going to dive. While Ocean Star stayed anchored in a protected area off the north coast, the majority of the crew split into two dinghies to drive to the dive site: The RMS Rhone, a shipwreck broken in several pieces. We, the ones that stayed on board, raised the anchor with a five-person team and moved further west, to pick the divers on our way to Peter Island. Once we picked them up and got all the dive gear in the laz, we continued our way to Great Harbor Peter, where we moored. By the time we got there, it was time for dinner: Hamburgers fresh from the BBQ. It was a good day!