Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today we woke up early and went diving. We went to two dive sites with Dive Dominica. The first site was the abyss; it was a crazy wall dive where a few students did their deep dive. Then to the champagne reef, where volcanic activity makes a bunch of bubbles comes up from the rocks. When we came back, we had a leadership class where Charlie presented his chapter. After that, Steph had a marine bio class, where she taught about continental shelves. Later we went through a squall and witnessed a catamaran break loose off of its mooring and crash into a dock (everyone was fine, though). For dinner, we had chicken Alfredo, my favorite, and so concluded another wonderful day on Ocean Star.

Photo 1: Dani and Alexis diving
Photo 2: Some creole wrasse
Photo 3: A sponge!
Photo 4: Sunset in Roseau