Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

The Ocean Star crew awoke to the soothing sounds of Grants iPod as DJ’s by skipper Dave. We had a quick breakfast before preparing for a two-tank dive with Mike from Saba Deep. The first dive at “3rd encounter” took the crew to 100ft, and a “close encounter” with a 5ft Blacktip reef shark. After switching tanks, many enjoyed an ice cream before the second dive at “Tents Reef.” The reefs were some of the most beautiful the crew as seen and were even more special for the lucky ladies who were charmed by Mike’s stories and impressive underwater dancing skills. Returning to Ocean Star, the crew was greeted by first mate Winston and his cheese and broccoli pasta lunch. The afternoon was spent working on OCE research projects, doing fieldwork, and drafting reports. After a 42 minute double squeeze from Dave, the crew feasted on Joel and Tony’s fine cuisine and celebrated Ryan and Tony’s birthday with a birthday brownie. The final OCE left the crew sad at the thought of no more intellectual adventures, but morale was high as mesh fest continued well into the night.