Location: Underway to Antigua

Today we motored to Pigeon Island Guadeloupe, which only took us a few hours, but having to pull up the anchor manually set us back a bit. After a remarkably smooth passage, we spent the day relaxing and catching up on work (and sleep) before some of us went diving around the island. Even for those of us finishing up our PADI certifications and focusing on skills, this was rated amongst those that partook as one of the best dives yet. The reef was teeming with life, and we had a really nice time diving in smaller groups. The dinghy rides, too and from dive sites, and shore continues to be a highlight of the day. We’re starting to have a bit more free time to work on our projects which are due sooner than any of us had realized, so yesterday, a couple of groups got dropped off at a beach to do research and take samples, which was a challenge to explain in our limited french to the bemused beachgoers. Tonight we will go underway to Antigua. Hopefully, we will arrive by breakfast!