Location: Statia

When one mentions the name Charlie Brown, everyone immediately thinks of the humorous, seemingly unlucky boy from the cartoon Peanuts. Well, a rescue diver in training can’t dive Charlie Brown unless, of course, it is the Charles L. Browne that was sunk right off the coast of Statia as a tourist/diving attraction. The dive on this wreck was amazing. Tipped on its starboard side, the ship seemed awkwardly positioned on the bottom. We swam through the Charlie Browne’s dark “highway.” After the dive, some went off to eat at the Chinese restaurant on Statia. The rest of the day was spent writing Oceanography and Communications papers, which are both due tomorrow. During this time, I was asked to move Near Enough so she was anchored closer to Ocean Star. With no staff members there to instruct, I managed to bring Near Enough around with a small crew and anchor her, with only a few words of advice from Boomer over the VHF. It was a success, and a wonderful day was ended with a nice breeze.