Location: Statia

The days are ticking down, and we’re trying to pack even more in. Oceanography research projects were due at 8 am. After breakfast, most of us hiked the Quill, the largest peak on Statia. After that adventure, we explored Statia a little more. It’s a quiet, little island. Everyone waves and says hello. After lunch, Boomer, Natty, Luke, Peter, and I went out in Near Enough to try some man-overboard drills but were met with no wind. Our scheduling meeting went well. We planned the last portion of our trip. After dinner, we passed in our Communications papers and reviewed them for the final. Today was a truer college day with two papers due, but we survived. The guys rotated boats tonight, so it was pretty strange to leave Near Enough for the last time, but at least I’ve got Ocean Star for a little while longer.