Location: Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Today started bright and early at seven o’clock when we lifted anchor. After enjoying a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes, we started diving. We went into four groups, and advanced divers completed their boat dive for the advanced course. Divers dropped down alongside a large cliff face and explored the undersea portion of the world-renowned island of Phi Phi Don. Once everyone on the boat got a chance to dive, we immediately started making way towards Phuket. During this short half-day passage, we raised our sails and attempted to practice some maneuvers on the water in preparation for the upcoming Kings Cup Regatta. Unfortunately, due to a lack of wind, we had a very limited amount of practice, and we ended up motoring the rest of the way to Phuket. Fortunately, we did get some more practice with flaking sails and raising and lowering them, so we at least got to practice some of the more basic sailing skills. Tonight we had a review for our final oceanography exam with the excitement of Pictionary mixed in, so we all fought for a chance to prove our knowledge and earn the most precious of all treasures to a shipmate – candy.