Location: Phi Phi Don, Thailand

We got up for breakfast at the standard 07:30. The food consisted of granola, fruit, yogurt, and pumpkin pie leftovers from our Thanksgiving feast. During our meal, we got underway to our dive site of the day, Ao Losama, off of Ko Phi Phi Lae, the island just to the south of our anchorage. The short passage was along the stunning cliffs of the Phi Phi islands that jut up out of the ocean. Upon arriving, the first two dive groups got into the dinghies. We were shuttled out to the drop zone and started one of our best dives to date. Big schools of fish, large coral formations, a jellyfish a foot in diameter, and a couple of eels are just a few of the spectacular marine creatures out and about during the drift. When not diving, we had free time to do as we pleased onboard. Once we had all divers safe and sound onboard our floating palace, we drove around the other side of Ko Phi Phi Lae. Along the way, we stopped at the stunning cove of Maya Beach, famous because of the beach from the movie The Beach. It would have been much more stunning if it hadn’t been stuffed with tourist boats. After people got some snapshots, we pushed on to a new bay in Phi Phi Don to set anchor for the evening. Once anchored, some of the crew jumped in with snorkel or scuba gear to help clean the hull of Argo, which has become home to many forms of small marine life. This was followed by shower time, during which Rachael slipped on the cap rail while attempting to jump in, resulting in Rachael flailing and squealing quite comically.