Location: Saba

The day started out with a relaxed morning, just one class! We had some amazing coffee cake for breakfast and then finished up all of our leadership work. We planned two dives for the afternoon at Shark Shoal and Man O’ War Shoals. And lemme tell you, they were NOW the two best dives we’ve done so far on the entire trip and we saw so much cool life; Sharks, Turtles, Lion Fish, Black Durgon and Spadefish! The colors were so vivid down at 130ft. After the dives, we enjoyed some unreal homemade pizza by Boots and Sam, most of which ended up in my belly, resulting in a food coma. Later on, some of us opted to get our VHF radio operators certification with Jack. I was pretty stoked to learn how to properly use a radio. For you fans back home, VHF radio means Very High-Frequency radio waves (for short-range communications). So we saw some sharks, swam with some turtles and learned about VHF radios; all in all, we had a great day!