Location: Slipway, Antigua and Barbuda

What an eventful day we have in store for today. To start, though, I had to get everyone up. No easy task this late in the trip. I decided to play a song called “The Waitress Song” by the Australian artist Seth Sentry which is pretty mellow, but we slowly built into faster pace tunes. Meanwhile the galley crew was cooking up a storm. I managed to rally everyone for breakfast, just about, and Graham, the head chef, introduced us to the scrambled eggs and sweet bread we were about to eat.

Once everyone had finished eating, I informed the group of the plan for the day. In the morning, one group would go dinghy sailing whilst the other group goes diving. In the afternoon, we switch. So the group was split in two. The sailing group left just after clean-up whilst the other group had to wait a little for dive cylinders to fill. Straight after breakfast, I headed off to town in order to rent a car, load it with our cylinders and take them to a local dive center to be filled since our dive compressor was having some issues. As soon as I was back with the cylinders, though, I drove the dive group out in the dinghy for their first dive as a group where an instructor would not be going with them. After all, they are certified to do so. They seemed a little nervous but excited as they began their descent as a group of 7. About 30 minutes later, I see them break the surface of the water, close to where the dinghy was moored, and the first thing I hear is “Woohoo!” accompanied by smiling faces. It was a proud moment for me.

Once we arrived back at Ocean Star, we sat down to lunch, and the sailing crew joined us where we heard stories of jibing, tacking, and capsizing. I had to run out to get more cylinders for our afternoon dive, but as soon as I was back, I took out the second group for their dive whilst Marley took the other half sailing. This time we had Amelia and Meg snorkeling with Eitan joining me on surface support, whilst Cleo, Joel, and Sophie went diving together.

For dinner, Graham had planned some Meatball subs, which were awesome, and the group got ready to go for their first night dive. Split into two groups again. Sam took the first group out for the night dive with her underwater Ultra Violet light, which makes the corals glow in fluorescent colors. Then the groups switched, and those that had just come back from diving had some hot chocolate waiting for them.

For the squeeze question this evening, I asked if money were no object, what would you do? Which always provides the most wonderful answers, like a travel blogger, writer, and director, professional DJ.