Location: Nevis

Today we woke up to another beautiful morning, shortly followed by oceanography class. After that, we split up into two groups: One was to go horseback riding, and the other was to go on a bike ride around the island. I was part of the bike ride. We were misled into believing that the tour was going to include only one large uphill part at the very beginning and that the rest would be downhill. However, we found out that it was a good ninety percent uphill and then a ten percent coast down. Or at least that is the way that it felt like.

Nevertheless, the ride was totally worth it, even when Emma kept getting a flat tire and had to stop three times to fix it. The group continuously split into smaller combinations of riders that more or less sorted themselves out by their physical shape and/or ability on bikes. Every now and then, we would wait for everybody to group together again and take a break for lunch and cold drinks. Toward the end, Alex and I stopped to wait for Emma and Eliza. We did not know at that time, but they had to stop to fix a flat tire again. They pulled up in the back of a helpful guy’s pick-up truck, who had offered them a ride. That way, they could catch up with us, and we continued the last bit of our ride. In the end, the ride was pretty enjoyable, with adventures and all. Later in the day, we went to a place called Sunshines and had dinner around a very large bonfire. All in all, today was a very productive and entertaining day.