Location: Nevis

Today was an adventure like all the rest. It started with a nice breakfast at 7 am. The sun was bright in the sky and warm as always. After breakfast on the deck, we had Marine Biology class down in the saloon. In today’s class, we watched a documentary about sea turtles and how humans and other factors prove a constant threat to the delicate marine species. After this documentary, we were all already ready for lunch as we packed sandwiches and snacks for the fun day that waited for us. We then prepared the boat for passage and started motoring from St.Kitts to Nevis. On our way to Nevis, we made one fantastic detour. This detour was a quick dive on a shipwreck off the other side of St.Kitts. This wreck, known as the River Taw, was a spectacular display of marine life’s incredible diversity. We saw turtles, arrow crabs, and so many different types of colorful fish that were all unique and amazing to swim amongst.

After the dive, we completed our passage to Nevis, which only took about 25 minutes. Once at Nevis, we started preparing for the night. Tonight was a special night. We were loaded onto a taxi driven by a man named Watusi. His long beard and Haile Selassie bumper sticker only added to his joyful Rastafarian personality. Watusi sang to us his song the cow jumped over the moon almost the entire way to the other side of the island. The purpose of tonight’s adventure was to see sea turtles. We did not just see them; we saw them going through the entire process of nesting and laying eggs on the sandy beach and then burying them before returning to sea. This was a truly amazing thing to be seen firsthand. Two of the turtles were already marked with a tag, while the other one we got to help tag, and then. We even name them after our beloved Ocean Star. We measured the three turtles we found and helped and returned to Watusi, who was patiently waiting for us in the taxi. At this point, it was nearly midnight. We were driven back to the dock where we had been dropped off from Ocean Star; again, enjoying Watusis, hit a single cow and jumped over the moon. When we got back to Ocean Star, we had a mandatory shower, which we all reluctantly abided to rid ourselves of all the sand. After the brief shower, it was time to pass out from the exciting day, soon to be starting the next one aboard Ocean Star.