Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

Anchorage here in Fortaleza has not come easy for Argo and her crew. Silt and swells caused our anchor to drag a few times last night, which gave anchor watch some exciting experience and kept them busy. Today, Captain Dan found Argo a place on Fortaleza’s commercial dock; and so with all hands on deck, we docked for the first time since leaving South Africa. After Marine Biology class, the crew had more free time ashore and set out to explore more of the city’s cultural and commercial attributes. Many students also took time to shop for the long-anticipated chocolate bars and found laundry mats and convenience stores. After dinner, the crew walked the boardwalk along the beach and took in Fortaleza’s nightlife. South America’s colorful and smiling people have been very welcoming towards our entire crew- we are all feeling very lucky to be able to visit this special city.