Location: English Harbor, Antigua

This morning we woke up ready to move from Falmouth Harbour and dock for the first time since our first days on Ocean Star in English Harbour. We had late but delicious, pumpkin bread for breakfast then a short Oceanography class with Carolyn all about coasts. Promptly thereafter, the crew went straight into Boat Appreciation. We worked hard from around ten to three scrubbing, cleaning, polishing, and beautifying our boat. After a long, hot day, we had a couple of hours of shore time on this beautiful island while a few were out provisioning for lots of food!
We have all realized how convenient dock-life is and how lucky we are to have it. Constant power, real-ish showers, and no anchor watch are just some of the little things we can enjoy. The crew had to ‘class it up’ tonight so that we are looking at our sharpest among these other beautiful yachts. I think we will all have a great time here while it lasts with more adventures to come.
In other news, the crew of Ocean Star is participating in ‘Movember.’As you can see from the photos, we have several guys working on some mustaches, and many of the ladies are showing support as well.Visit mobro.co/syoceanstar to check out more photos of the stylish mo’s going on onboard Ocean Star, and please consider donating to our team and supporting men’s health.