Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Today we woke up in English Harbor, one of the nicest harbors we’ve visited yet. After breakfast, we had our seamanship class and learned how to do a running fix while navigating, which is useful for when your GPS stops working. Then we went to a place called Stingray city for our ‘Tor-venture,’ where we had the amazing experience of swimming with dozens of stingrays that are accustomed to interacting with people, and we all took turns feeding and taking pictures with those fascinating creatures. We then returned to Ocean Star and began our SLD Amazing Race scavenger hunt that involved eight teams with two people in each team. We had to look for our clues, which were scattered around English Harbor, the winning team was awarded candy and soda. After our scavenger hunt, we had some shore time, and then we had the oceanography quiz that we all surely crushed. The night ended with a fireworks show, courtesy of a wedding party nearby. We cannot believe it is already day 56, and we are making sure to live every day to the fullest, a feat that we accomplished today.