Location: Horta, Faial, Azores

What a day! We began our morning with a fantastic breakfast of biscuits and gravy from head chef Sarah. From there, we split into two groups to head off for a day of snorkeling with dolphins! The boat ride to the dolphins was like a rollercoaster, and everyone was shaken around because of the waves. We were able to see bottlenose, common, and spotted dolphins with a surprise appearance of a sei whale in the afternoon session (shout out to Michael and Ricardo from CW Azores), and all of us were super excited. We got to see up to thirty dolphins at a time, and it was the experience of a lifetime. After a delicious dinner back on Argo, the staff surprised us with a trip to the grocery store, which made everyone ecstatic. We rushed over to the store before closing time and grabbed as many snacks as we could hold. We walked back to Argo, eating out of our new pints of ice cream and jars of peanut butter, satisfied with what had to be one of the best days of the trip so far.

Pictured: Dolphins taken by Margaux, Ricardo Jake, and Michael pulling a crate out of the ocean, a selfie of group 4, a cave we checked out at the end of the dolphin tour, a Selfie of group 1, View of Pico from the water; Groups 1 and 2 posing with the Horta sign outside the marina; Argo’s mural that Ethan painted at the dock.