Location: Horta, Faial, Azores

We had another wonderful day on Argo. We took some big steps ~ LITERALLY ~ as we walked on land to get our covid tests!!!! Leave it to Argo to remind us to appreciate the little things; the walk to the testing site was a mere ten minutes, but as it was the first time we’ve been on land in a good while, it was a highlight for many. We certainly made the most of the mini excursion – the grass between our toes was delightful, the trees were so big and magnificent, and some even managed to squeeze in a game of chess while we waited in line. Then, per Emma’s (*Misses 305*) request, we had a DD-DD–DD- DOUBLE SCIENCE DAY — bau bau bau baaaauuw (insert strobe lights and airhorn). We love learning all about the ocean and the amazing sea creatures that live within it! In oceanography, we learned about the SOFAR channel, a narrow channel about 1000m below the surface where the speed of sound is slower than the rest of the water column. Sound waves are repeatedly reflected within this channel, allowing them to travel vast distances. This is how humpback whales are able to communicate and share their songs over 100s of miles (how cool is that?!). Upon learning this, JP graced us with his rendition of not a humpback whale song but the baby beluga song. Also, of important note, Ethan knows the baby shark song. Then, after class, Ethan started laying the foundations for a beautiful Argo mural on the dock wall, which we can hopefully all finish painting tomorrow. To close the day, we had a delicious chili with homemade cornbread. If it hasn’t been mentioned yet, we are all becoming wonderful bakers.

Now, I must go, as we’ve got a big day to prep for – tomorrow we *hopefully* swim with dolphins!!!

Tally ho,

1) Beautiful covid line views of Pico, our neighboring island
2) Smashing out some chess while we wait for our covid tests
3) Argo, Ben, and Faial, all in one epic shot