Location: Faial, Azores

The last watches with our first round of watch teams came to an end as watch team 2 first saw Faial this morning! We had watch team 3 bring us in, and then all the crew worked together to get Argo docked and ready. After an exciting morning, we had lunch with a beautiful view that was a bit hard to get used to after many days of not seeing land. I won’t lie. It took some convincing to get me to believe the island wasn’t fake at first. The weather was sunny, and everyone was in good spirits as we took in the view of the peaks, the green fields, and the beautiful architecture. After lunch, we had Boat Appreciation, where we took many hours to clean, organize, and inventory everything in Argo. She is looking beautiful as always with a shiny new exterior! At the same time, the chefs for the day (Lance, Brian, and Julie) were working hard on dinner in the midst of all the craziness happening aboard. Then, we had fried rice for dinner and a heartwarming squeeze. We are all very excited for the next couple of days in the Azores (hint: dolphins are around the corner!!).

Photo captions:
1. A view of Faial when we were lowering the sails to arrive
2. Sarah and Marion in front of Faial
3. The chefs of the day (Lance, Brian, and Julie) in the galley preparing dinner for everyone
4. Our view of the island from where we are docked
5. Deckie squad preparing to clean after another amazing meal

Current Position: